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Add the web app

Press the black button for your device

Using your native Safari browser:

Iphone located bottom centre
of screen on menu bar.
Ipad top right next to search bar.

The mobile app icon will be installed onto your home screen.
Go to top right of screen

or if using chrome browser
in the top right of screen.
A drop down will appear,
Select option
icon should appear
Option 2
Top right click
"Add bookmark" with a plus sign will appear. Press the plus sign. A field will appear named "title", write the name of the takeaway into the title box e.g wings chinese.
Once named press save and bookmark will appear.
Press and hold bookmark image, a menu list will appear. Select "Add to home screen" or "Add shortcut to home" and icon will appear on home screen of phone.
This should cover most android devices however if your device is different simply google the instructions on how to add a website shortcut to your homepage.


A dish infused with zesty oriental lemons that gives a bitter taste
A slightly hot dish cooked with green peppers & special spices
A hot & spicy dish cooked with spinach
A hot, sweet and sour dish. Cooked with a variety of lentils and spices
A sweet & creamy dish cooked with our special coconut sauce and a number of spices
A hot and spicy dish cooked with capsicum & green chilli.
Korma is one of the mildest of the Indian curries - making it popular with kids and people who don't like too much spice in their food. A sweet dish cooked with our special coconut sauce topped off with a splash of fresh cream.
A medium spiced dish cooked with a number of spices and chickpeas
A well spiced dish that is medium hot. Cooked with onions and tomatoes, topped off with a little bit of fresh coriander.
A medium hot dish with a unique combination of spices, with freshly cooked tomatoes and onions layered on top.
The Dupiaza (derived from the indian word "du" meaning two and "piaza" meaning onion) is a medium hot curry. Cooked with onions and a number of spices with large pieces of fried onion added to the curry. Then finished with a fresh coriander garnish.
A hot dish cooked with a number of different spices and chillies.
A dish that is a combination of hot, sweet and sour. Cooked with a mixture of spices, chilli and coconut.
A dish that is hot, sweet and sour. Cooked with a mixture of chillis, spices, sugar and tomatoes.
A very hot dish. Cooked with a mixture extra hot chillies, spices and potatoes.
A rich seasoned rice dish served with a vegetable sauce

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